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Drug Take Back

Maize Farm & Art Market

Join us the second Thursday of every month, May through September from 5-7 PM, for the Maize Farm and Art Market at the Clair Donnelly Amphitheater located at the Maize City Park, 311 Academy Ave in Maize. There will be Food Trucks and 30+ vendors offering everything from handmade items to salsas and more!  Contact Tristin Terhune at or visit the Farm & Art Market Facebook Page for more information.

City of Maize Updates

City Manager Nicd Gregory

From the City Manager - April 2024

Having now been in Maize for four months as City Manager, I continue to be excited to see new opportunities come to the city.  Growing up in west Wichita as a child, I was able to see firsthand the 80’s and 90’s expansions of west Wichita.  Maize at that time was a quiet country town.   My family would journey through Maize to get to K-96 on the way to the Kansas State Fair or to see family and friends in Hutchinson.  Having moved away from Wichita to pursue my career in communities in more rural parts of Kansas (Great Bend and McPherson), I lost touch with this area.  Still having family in west Wichita, I would constantly make the trek back, driving around Maize and not knowing the hidden treasure that existed and was growing in there.

It wasn’t until I learned that Richard LaMunyon was retiring as City Administrator that I thought too much about what was going on here.   When I started talking to some friends and colleagues living in the Wichita area, they said I should really check it out, there are big things happening in Maize!   Convinced to take a better look at a leadership role in Maize, I drove around and saw some amazing things happening.   A clear sign of the growth included some of the highest quality schools, frenetic activity of new and ongoing housing construction, breadcrumbs of businesses leading up to “Maize’s Doorstep”.    I saw Maize and I thought to myself what an amazing opportunity to come in and make a difference in a community that has clearly become a location of choice for families raising kids.    Seeing the improvements along Academy Avenue and the creation of the Academy Arts District, including the Clair Donnelly Amphitheater, the expansive growth of Maize USD 266 and seeing the constant construction of new houses at locations around the community, I said “Maize feels like home”.

After four months, I continue to be amazed by the things that are happening here.   With growth comes great challenges and even though we have challenges, there are opportunities to add many of the amenities to make Maize a complete community. I look forward to facing those challenges over the upcoming years.    We look to grow businesses and retail amenities, add recreational opportunities and continue to improve on necessary infrastructure to improve quality of life opportunities for our residents.

In my early discussions with our Mayor and City Council, we plan to embark on a new journey to develop a revised strategic plan for Maize.    We will weigh challenges, opportunities and best paths forward.  We seek to enhance an already great community to be a place that our residents continue to be proud of.   The City of Maize hopes to aggressively pursue unique business prospects, continue to build on a strong industrial base, work on pedestrian and vehicle connectivity with a focus on new walking/biking/jogging opportunities and improved traffic-carrying roadways.  In addition, we seek to enhance our capacity to provide sufficient water and sanitary sewer infrastructure to the expanding community.  In the upcoming year, we plan to get deep into that planning.

We value your opinion and want to hear from our business partners and our citizens.  Stay tuned for an upcoming Community Survey! I am personally excited to play a role in making Maize the continued place of choice for you and your families.

Exciting things are coming!

Nick Gregory
City Manager

Property Taxes in Maize

The Budget & Property Taxes in Maize

Have you ever wondered about the property taxes you pay in Maize and how the Mill Levy effects them? We have created a page to show you where the property taxes you pay go and how changes to the Mill Levy effects them. While no one likes paying taxes, property taxes are the primary source of funding of government entities such as the city, county, fire district, school district and others.  These funds are ultimately reinvested back into the community to provide infrastructure improvements and the service you expect.

Visit our Property Taxes in Maize and how the Mill Levy effects them page to learn more.


City of Maize
Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

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