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Regular Events

City Council meetings are held every third Monday of the month: 7:00 p.m.

Planning Commission meetings are held every first Thursday of the month: 7:00 p.m. 

Park & Tree Board meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month: 5:30 p.m.

Mayor Clair Donnelly

City of Maize Mayor Clair DonnellyWelcome!  Maize is a unique, progressive city enjoying metropolitan status in a rural surrounding. We are a
civic-minded community with numerous citizens who volunteer their time for an array of activities. Our city officials and city staff continue to strengthen the value of teamwork and civic loyalty, as we provide essential services ensuring all citizens a secure environment in which to live, work and play. Excellent schools, low crime rate and easy access to the entire metro area makes Maize a unique place to live. Maize, where community counts. We welcome you to Maize and invite you to visit our local businesses.


Through the integration of its population into every aspect of quality education, civic improvements, community appearance, commerce and recreation, Maize shall preserve its small town atmosphere and become the best small city in Kansas.

!  Welcome to Maize, Kansas

Severe Weather Safety Program

Severe Weather Safety Program

Are you prepared? Sedgwick County Emergency Management presents a program developed by the National Weather Service to help educate Sedgwick County citizens about severe weather and ways to stay safe. This class is FREE to all Sedgwick County and Maize residents.

The class will be held on Tuesday, March 24 at 6:30pm in the Maize City Council Meeting Room at Maize City Hall, 10100 W Grady Ave.

State-wide Photo Competition

The League of Kansas Municipalities is has created a "Hometown Showdown" Competition for the Cities on their Facebook Page.  Just like our photo and that's all it takes.  Nothing to win, just bragging rights.

City of Maize Updates

Here are a few updates on some Maize happenings from your Administrator:

  1. 2014 Another Excellent Year:
    This past year has proven to be yet another example of positive, beneficial progress and growth for our City. All of the economic and operational challenges were met and in most cases exceeded. The final closeout of the 2014 budget was well within budget guidelines and surpassed carryover projections. The City's workforce remained stable with minimal turn over. Employee productivity heightened as demands for services continued to increase. Like any other successful business our employees are our greatest strength. I anticipate that as 2015 unfolds these demands for services will continue to increase. Our employees will meet the new demands through training, equipment upgrades, and by being provided a supportive work environment. My personal thanks to the City Council for their vision and support as well as to each of our employees for another year of work well done!

  2. 2014 Growth and Development
    Maize remains the leader for others to follow in terms of growth & development. We continue to be one of the fastest growing communities in Kansas. This is due to City Council and staff participation in long range planning and implementation. Some examples for 2014 include:

    1. Housing: During the year 102 new single-family housing starts were issued. This is a record high by anyone’s standards! Proper planning combined with managed action led to this success. Installing an adequate infrastructure, having our financial house in order, encouraging developers to build in Maize and providing proper incentives to attract new residents were all keys to building this accomplishment. We welcome all our new families to Maize!

    2. Commercial: During 2014 three new businesses opened their doors here in Maize. Combined with the five new businesses that opened last year, this gives you an indication of a positive trend. Optometric's Billing Solutions, one of the new businesses, opened with sixty new employees. City staff is currently working with other businesses that will open later this year.

    3. Industrial: Two years ago the City Council authorized the development of a “Maize Industrial Park Planning Study”. They recognized the importance of proper planning if industrial businesses were to build here in Maize. This past year the value of this study became a reality. The new "Maize Industrial Park", located at 53rd street and 119th street, will be the home for Reiloy-Westland Manufacturing Company. They bring sixty quality employees and will open their doors in July. A second manufacturing company has committed to build in the Industrial Park. Construction begins this spring.

    4. Growth and development in all areas is the formula for continued success and the key for reducing taxes in the future and bringing quality of life amenities to Maize.

    The City Council and staff begin the New Year refreshed and ready to move forward. Any challenges we encounter will be reclassified as opportunities, to be met with enthusiasm and optimism. May your 2015 be a blessed one!

Richard LaMunyon
City Administrator

Weatherization Grant

Are you ready for Winter?  The Sedgwick County Economic Development District (SCKEDD) has funds available for lower income homeowners to weatherize your home.    If you are interested go to

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Public Tornado Shelter Sign

Public Tornado Shelters are located in the basement of the Community Building at 401 S. Khedive and City Hall, 10100 W Grady Ave.  Enter via the storm shelter entrance on the front side of the building near the flag poles.

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The Maize Police Department is now providing crime mapping through  Visit our page for more information and instructions on how to use the site.

Fast Facts About Maize

       2010 Census:  3,420
Year Established:  1870
Year Incorporated:  1886
County:  Sedgwick
State:  Kansas
Zip Code:  67101
Area Code:  316
Sales Tax:  7.15%
School District:  266
2012 Total Mill Levy: 153.812
Census 2010 Demographic Profile Highlights